DRS Bulgaria Ltd. - Data Recovery Services

Data Recovery Services Bulgaria Ltd. is a high-tech computer company specialized only in recovering data from all types of digital storage media. Data recovery is our only business which is a guarantee for our independence regarding existing vendors and file systems.

We have extensive experience in recovering data not only from single hard drives, but also hard disk arrays such as RAID, SAN, NAS, spanned and striped volumes. Such recovery jobs could be extremely complicated and require very profound knowledge of the file systems and data structures involved.

No Cure, No Pay

In our business relations we implement the "No Cure, No Pay" rule, which is based on the fact that we will only charge you in case of successful recovery of your data. This way we strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.


Data recovery is extremely complicated in its nature and requires very specific skills and know-how. In many live situations consumers and computer professionals consider their files lost or permanently deleted, while those files physically still reside on the hard drive and can be reached and recovered by means of proprietary tools and techniques by a company, specialized in this field.